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Let’s talk money and personal finance. From the stock market to budgeting. From bitcoin to Gold. From Investing to saving. Lets talk about it all here. Lets clear away the fake from the real so it becomes easier in your life and your pockets.

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Top 10 best and worst Purchases as a teenager!! Inv3st

I Got a little bit more personal in this episode. I talk about my money mistakes and the best things I bought with my money.  From alcohol to computer games. I talk about what money mistakes I during my teenage years… From investing to books. We talk about all the positive things I have spent money on…  Let me know your money mistakes and things you couldn't live without! Hope you enjoy this long episode!  _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Get your free stock when you sign up to trading 212!  Head over to my website for my blog, exclusive content, offers and discounts! Head over to my facebook page and send us a message on what you want next or just to get in contact! Peace
  1. Top 10 best and worst Purchases as a teenager!!
  2. Warren Buffett | Everything I learnt
  3. Things you need before you start investing
  4. My first year investing

We talk anything money.

Considering Investing? We talk brokers. The Good, the Bad and ugly platforms. Learn who the fakers are and the ones that are legitimate businesses.

Think about saving? We talk the best ways to cut down. The best accounts to open. The Budget I use (coming soon!) and ways to improve your income.

Anything you want to talk about?

Send us an Email or head over to our Facebook Page to request a topic, or to just get in touch with us! We love to hear from all of you!

The Future…

Were I am planning on taking the podcast, the blog, future investments and all the way to future products…

The possibilities are endless…

(coming soon…)

Signed the Creator; Chris Drohan

What we Offer…

From our information on the stock market, all our recent and soon to be investments, to what I’m doing during this very complicated time. Going all the way through to our new budgeter (COMING SOON!) We surely have everything for you!


The biggest things is to pay yourself first (after bills, food costs etc) and I want to stress that here.

For now it links to my about page.

Stock Market

This is all about my investment into the stock market.

What businesses I have money in, What ETFs and Bonds I currently own and everything else related to the stock market.

Passive income

All my passive income that I have built up and am going to build up over the course of 2020!

  • Books
  • Business
  • Dividend
  • Affiliate programs
  • and more!

Our Blog

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How to build wealth

I won’t be focusing on income here, I’ll mention it but as we all should know; if you want to build up your wealth, improve/increase your income. I have another post/podcast planned for that.  So without further ado let’s get into this…  Step 1 Before we start invest… Go through your expenses! Where is yourContinue reading “How to build wealth”

Marriage and money

Thinking of getting married? Take a look at what happens to your finances here so you cam make the correct decision. There are plenty of benefits of marriage but I will be looking into positives and negatives when it comes to money and marriage, as the title suggests. You’ll need to keep the emotional sideContinue reading “Marriage and money”

£ Surveys £

How much money can you make doing surveys? £ Surveys £ Can you make money from Surveys?  If so how much? Is it really worth you time? Did you enjoy doing any of the surveys? and many more questions I will try and answer in this article. Okay, so first off, I want to give youContinue reading “£ Surveys £”


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